The low-speed wind tunnel (DNW-NWB), operated by the foundation German- Dutch Wind Tunnels, is a versatile, closed-circuit wind tunnel for industry and research. It operates at atmospheric pressure and boasts high flow quality as well as excellent acoustic properties.
In combination with a powerful secondary air supply, it can be operated using an open, a ¾ open, a slotted or a closed test section. Different model support systems for static as well as dynamic tests are available.


  • Test section size: 3.25 m × 2.80 m
  • Free stream velocity: 90 m/s
  • Fan power: 3.5 MW
  • Auxiliary air supply: 1.6 MW
  • Turbulence level: Tux = 0.05%
Autonomous renewable energy-based power system


Dipl.-Ing. Carsten Lenfers
Aero-Acoustic Low-Speed Wind Tunnel Brunswick, DNW
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