The ongoing professionalization of the wind energy industry which, today, is increasingly establishing itself as a global forerunner in terms of innovative and sustainable product development, also sets the standard for accompanying and auxiliary research. Wind energy research and development has to satisfy the challenges presented by the most stringent requirements with respect to the well-founded and fail-safe development of competitive and innovative products for extreme environmental and operational conditions. Wind energy turbines are complex products which unite knowledge from a wide range of natural and engineering disciplines.
The Research Alliance Wind Energy (FVWE), comprising the partners German Aerospace Center (DLR), ForWind – Center for Wind Energy Research – and Fraunhofer IWES North-West, sets itself exactly these challenges. The Research Alliance offers globally unique innovation potential by bundling its proven expertise and outstanding research infrastructures. The FVWE is the ideal technology development partner for both manufacturers and operators alike; from design using virtual methods to experimental testing and model validation through to production automation.
Furthermore, the FVWE has over 600 researchers who can expertly deal with all aspects of this fast-growing global energy supply pillar. The research creates quantifiable and cost-cutting added value by increasing effi ciency and accelerating fail-safe developments though to certifi cation, manufacturing optimization and operational reliability.
The three-partner collaboration provides uncomplicated access to a world-wide unique infrastructure, assures the technological transfer from the aeronautics, space, energy and transport and guarantees the link to university research and teaching.
Together with our staff, we look forward to supporting you in developing your potential to use wind energy.