The investigation of wind fluctuation around singular rotors of a wind turbine, entire turbines and especially wind farms is a computationally challenging task. In order to handle this challenge with an adequate resolution and precision, ForWind – Center for Wind Energy Research – utilizes an own capable high performance computing (HPC) cluster. The new HPC cluster which was named “Eddy” is able to assign up to 5856 computing cores with a total peak performance of 170 Tflops/s to simulations from the domain of computational fluid dynamics. Additional computational capacities are available on the HPC-Cluster “Carl”, which is owned by der Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg and offers additional 7592 computing cores with a peak performance of 230 Tflops/s. For the numerical simulation certain software frameworks as “PALM” for large eddy simulation (LES) or OpenFOAM for small grid CFD applications are used. This allows to handle challenges from energy methodology, rotor blade simulation, full turbine simulation, wind farm simulation and related domains.


Dr. Hendrik Heißelmann
ForWind, University of Oldenburg
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