The idea behind the Center for Lightweight Production Technology is to demonstrate the whole fiber composite process chain, e.g., for rotor blades of wind turbines. Science and industry are able to develop new technologies to optimize manufacturing processes at this research facility.
For the future, cost-efficient manufacturing of rotor blades, platforms for automatic fiber placement and online quality control are available. The fiber placement unit allows realistic testing of variable automation concepts along a length of up to 20 m. Online quality assurance allows for the direct monitoring of relevant process parameters to improve part quality. These activities are supported through material and technological research in specialized laboratories and close links to design and analysis.


Large-scale plants in ZLP Stade
GroFI – combination of robot-based automated fiber placement and automated tape laying
  • 8 simultaneously coordinated robots
  • Length 20 m, tooling can be longer
  • Testing of several automation concepts
Mold for rotor blades
  • Length 45 m
  • Water heating
  • Online quality assurance


Dipl.-Ing. Birgit Wieland
Institute of Composite Structures and Adaptive Systems, DLR
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