The Lidar technology is currently being increasingly used for state-of-the-art wind measurements. A Lidar unit allows the radial wind speed to be determined along the Lidar`s laser beam. To measure the 3D flow, a multi-Lidar-system composed of 3 long-range scanners ranging up to 6 kilometers is being developed by ForWind Oldenburg. The scanners of a multi-Lidar system are deployed at different locations in the test field.
They are synchronized in time and remotely controlled to cross their beams in one volume in space. This technique which permits complex scanning scenarios (e.g., virtual met mast) is currently applied to characterize the flow within the offshore wind farm alpha ventus.


  • Range*: 200 – 8000 m
  • Spatial resolution*: 25 – 100 m
  • Temporal resolution*: 0.1 – 2 Hz
  • Angular scan rate* (PPI): 0.5 – 4 °/s
  • Velocity resolution: 0.1 m/s
  • Positioning accuracy: 0.01 °
*dependent on laser settings


Prof. Dr. Martin Kühn
Wind Energy Systems, ForWind – University of Oldenburg
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